Making Things Log, 2019-02-26

Image description: Assorted tools sitting on wooden planks, including a tape measure, a ruler, a level, a paintbrush, pliers, and a hammer.

Image description: Assorted tools sitting on wooden planks, including a tape measure, a ruler, a level, a paintbrush, pliers, and a hammer.



This week has been a productive one, on two different fronts.

First, the work in progress: I’ve hit my target word count for the WIP on every single one of my writing days, bar Monday, which I spent working on the thing in the next paragraph. I am over 50k on the WIP, and it’s starting to get to that murky middle place where I find myself worrying about it. This section of the manuscript (from here to about 75k) is nearly always a slog and nearly always leaves me doubting myself, so I am battening down for that tendency rearing its head in the next month or so. Here’s hoping my loved ones can help me stay standing during the worst blows. (I’m sure I will, but anxiety means never being absolutely sure of anything. Ask me how!)

The other major thing I’ve been working on this week is my end of collecting possible blurbs for The Imaginary Corpse. On Friday, I collated a list of both authors I know personally (whether we are friends or acquaintances or worked together that one time) that I think might make a good blurb for my little book-baby, and big name authors who would absolutely be an eldritch blessing upon my book but who I would normally assume would want nothing to do with me. On Monday, I got the last of the information I needed to start contacting them, and so I did so. As of today, I now have six people reading the book who have said they are willing to blurb and who have copies of the ARC. I also have a couple Nos, and a couple folks who have not responded yet at all. It was an exhausting process, but worthwhile. I can now tell you, for sure, that authors across the spectrum of fame and output and awards are kind and cordial, even when saying No, and that agents and publicists for big-name authors act similarly. (I won’t name anyone because I don’t want to out how Person A treated me lest that help give someone brainweasels when their message from that person is slightly different.


After a week of old favorites, this week I found myself experimenting again. I made another round of shirred eggs in salsa verde, which S and I agree is now a staple of indulgent weekend breakfasts in our house. I also tried cooking a new type of steak, eye of round, which it turns out is very tough and needs to be marinated overnight to help tenderize it; I marinated it in cocoa powder, Creole seasoning, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and a touch of brown sugar and let me tell you it came out fantastically when I broiled it. Also this weekend, I attempted my first crack at stewed chickpeas with chicken — chickpeas, mirepoix, diced tomatoes, and chicken thighs, cooked with ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, and of course salt and black pepper. The result was fragrant and delicious, though I think I undersalted this batch, and I could stand to cook the vegetables for a little bit longer before mixing everything into the final product. I’m looking forward to trying the debugged recipe this coming week.

That concludes our report! Thanks for reading!