Making Things Log, 2019-02-13-2019-02-19

Image description: Assorted tools sitting on wooden planks, including a tape measure, a ruler, a level, a paintbrush, pliers, and a hammer.

Image description: Assorted tools sitting on wooden planks, including a tape measure, a ruler, a level, a paintbrush, pliers, and a hammer.

It’s been a productive week!


With edits done, this week has been nothing but work on the novel in progress. I’ve hit 1000 words or more every day I have worked on it, which is all but one of my scheduled writing days. That puts me nearly halfway through the draft, and I think I like where I’ve got this one going. It’s fascinating to take what I learned about what I love writing from The Imaginary Corpse and apply it to something else with vastly different characters.

Speaking of vastly different characters, my other big milestone for this week is that I have committed to working on an entirely different book in an entirely different world when I am done with this one. This is a huge step for me; the WIP is another “standalone with series potential,” and my instinct with the last work I did that with was to dive right back into its voice and its world and write Book 2, and that’s not necessarily a good idea for my well-being or my career. That’s not to say writing all of a series at once is a mistake inherently — it definitely isn’t if that’s what inspires you and you have the leeway to do it! I only mean that I am in a place where I feel I am better off refining myself as an artist by trying different ideas and voices, and refining myself as a career writer by working on standalones until I land that exalted Multi-Book Deal. Being able to mingle my inspiration and my career aspirations like that is a big deal for me.

The final writing note for this report: I said I worked on WIP on “all but one of my scheduled writing days.” What I did with that other writing day is also a milestone: I spent an hour of one one of my days off from writing, and then all my writing spoons for another writing day, on the author-side groundwork for marketing and publicity for The Imaginary Corpse. It’s in a place where there is not more to practically do right now, and that’s totally fine, but it was exciting to get to start working on it at all and really dig into how the sausage is made. I will share more when and if I am sure it’s safe to share.


This week has not actually featured much new experimentation; rather, I revisited a lot of older recipes. I made filet mignon again as part of our extended Valentine’s Day celebrations (we were very busy on the day itself), which was again a success, and my spouse requested my pork chili for dinner this week, too, which was a great feeling — it’s the first of my non-sandwich experiment dishes that I have been told she got a specific craving for. This coming week I’m going to be trying a new stew recipe in preparation for my spouse’s dinner party, and I’m excited to see how it comes out.

That concludes our report! Thanks for reading!