Making Things Log: 2019-02-12

Making Things Log.jpg

I want to front-load this with a small apology: I’m doing my best to make this post a weekly habit, but right now it’s a struggle. As I’ve said on Twitter, I’m on some medication right now that is messing with my anxiety and, relatedly, with my focus, and it’s having various knock-on effects, including me forgetting to post a Making Things Log for a while. The medication is just a 30-day course, thank goodness, so in the meantime I am just trying to develop good habits and move forward.

So, let’s move forward!


The big news for this log is that I’ve turned in edits on The Imaginary Corpse. No, let me say that again: I’ve turned in edits on The Imaginary Corpse! Party time!

But also exciting is that I have gotten back to work on my WIP. It’s been a long hiatus, and as I sort of expected but wanted to disbelieve, it was a struggle at first to get back into a different voice and emotional state after engaging again with the Tippy stuff, not to mention shifting from the high-level, laser-targeted work of edits to the building-block level of a rough draft. The good news is, once I got started and found my verbal footing, I didn’t want to stop, and I was able to drop back in with a 1500+ word night. I really love writing this story, and I hope I get to share it with you all soon.


This week has been a little bit less experimental than some others, courtesy of us having kind of a busy social calendar early in the week (and the aforementioned medication causing me to play it safe). I tried a couple more iterations of the Great Sandwich Experiment. Our findings are that smoked ham goes great with Dijon mustard and lemon curd, and great with Dijon mustard, sour cherry jam, and a little cream cheese, either one enhanced with cracked black pepper; we also determined that peanut butter and lemon curd don’t actually work that well. Tomorrow I’m making a second attempt at filet mignon for an early Valentine’s Day treat, and we’ll see how that shakes out.

That’s all the things that are fit to make this time! Thanks for reading!