Making Things Log, 2019-01-08

Making Things Log.jpg


1434 words today, just shy of what I termed my “amazing” goal for the night, but I could tell that getting the rest of the way there would be the bad kind of forcing it.

I am getting close to the 30k mark on this novel, which also means I am coming up on one of the goalposts for having a crisis about the whole thing, and I can feel it brewing in there. This time it’s “you’ve spent too much time without getting to the main plot,” except that no I haven’t, this just isn’t an action-heavy novel where it gets right to the meat. I’m just worried about the word count, and I am trying to remind myself that I always write way too much in my rough draft and I need to trim down the bloat, and that this is my writing method Working As Intended and I should just breathe and relax. So that is what I’m going to try to do, and hopefully this all goes well.


The Great Sandwich Experiment continues! Today, it’s deli-sliced rotisserie chicken on Jewish rye, with green peppercorn mustard, mayonnaise, a little bit of paprika and Trader Joe’s Mushroom & Company umami seasoning blend, and dill pickles. My hope is that I have balanced the four elements of cooking well here, but we’ll find out!