Making Things Log, 2019-01-06

Making Things Log.jpg


I got 1883 words on WIP today. This included essentially rewiring the guts of the scene twice as I realized my original idea had some illogic issues, then almost having to break it into two scenes, only to realize I could make this scene into character-building for the MC and plot advancement and character-building for two of the major supporting cast. So I feel pretty good about all that.


Not one, but two dishes today!

Breakfast: I made Frittata 2.0. I used less Italian sausage, added some basil and red pepper flakes on top of the more generic spices, and took a couple stops to drain off liquid. It was excellent, though it continues to take longer to set than the recipe thought, but I am getting better at figuring out how to tell if a dish is done by looking at it, so that’s nice. This recipe is ready for prime-time; I think next weekend I’ll try some fresh veg and sun-dried tomatoes instead of the canned tomatoes and see how it goes. It’ll require a different approach, but that’s what this whole process is about.

Dinner: Hamburgers! We had some Omaha Steaks patties we got late last year in the freezer; I just simply cooked them in a little olive oil, with a 2 minute sear on each side and then a 5 minute per-side cooking time. I also served a side salad of 50/50 mix with ollio nuovo, orange-muscat champagne vinegar, and pistachios. It was delightful, A++ would burger and salad again.

Tyler Dent Hayes