Making Things Log, 2019/01/22 - 2019/01/27

Making Things Log.jpg

I’ve had such a productive week that I’ve fallen behind on the Making Things Log!


This week started with work on the WIP, and ended with the arrival of the infamous Edit Letter for The Imaginary Corpse.

The work on the WIP was good — it’s over 40k now and feels like it’s going somewhere, though I wouldn’t dare query it at this stage.

The edits are going both phenomenally and dreadfully. Phenomenally because I really feel like the editor loves this book and wants the best for it; the issues they have pointed out have been insightful, and in some cases I can carry them forward into improving my writing process on future books. (No, I don’t want tell you, because then you might be unable to unsee it.) Dreadfully because…I really feel like the editor loves this book and wants the best for it, and I worry that I and my changes will be Found Wanting, which feeds into the usual My Writing Sucks and Has Always Sucked feeling that is an occupational hazard of this career path. It’s a rollercoaster.

But to end on good news: I am three days ahead of schedule on my goals for my edits, and I feel pretty good about how little there actually is to do — I just need to keep my head above existential water, and remember that I am only getting to do this part because I wrote a book that someone loved enough to buy and publish in the first place. It’s going to be okay. It’s all going to be okay.


Three dishes of note for this week:

I added a third tea sandwich to my repertoire with a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich on wheat. I added lemon zest and black pepper to the cream cheese, and I really think that addition made the difference — not that the flavors were anything short of wonderful, but the blend was nearly perfect. I’ll keep this in my back pocket for when I want my meal to go well with a cup of tea.

I took another stab at my sauteed apple and onion recipe and found it to be excellent. I added some salt and pepper to it while my brain was on autopilot, and I’m happy to report it came out very well, actually. No refinements here.

Tonight, I made a root vegetable gratin with beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, and yams. I substituted Greek yogurt for the heavy cream the original recipe calls for, but I didn’t consider ways to change the cooking process to make up for the lack of fat, which resulted in a slightly crunchier dish than I anticipated. It tasted excellent, though, so I trust I can refine this. I think this will be my dish of the month for February.