Making Things Log, 2019-01-20 - 2019-01-22

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We are here with a roundup from the long weekend plus Tuesday. It’s been a busy time, but bonus: it makes me look really, really productive.


Sunday was a banner day for word count — 3205 words on WIP. I am finding some of the subject matter in this book incredibly easy to write about, and it’s lending itself to massive counts. I have little special to note for Sunday beyond the count itself, and the fact that this was the first weekend in a while where I actually did get up, have breakfast, quietly read a little, and then get to writing, so I need to really try to own how much that helps me creatively.

Monday I didn’t wind up sitting down until it was nighttime and I had an external deadline I had to deal with in the form of cooking dinner, and I think my writing suffered a little for it. I was productive, with 1700 words, 200 above my normal max goal for a day’s work, but it came after a lot of effort and no small number of false starts on some sections of the day’s work (even with pre-writing involved. Some of that was also because I was dealing with some emotions that were just a little bit too close to home, and I think I intimidated myself into having trouble with it rather than trust my psyche. That said, I also came out of this with a more organic segue into the next scene thanks to the emotions of the MC, and I think this helps me define the MC’s goals and drives in a way that I didn’t have fully nailed down, so I’m still going to mark this as a win.

Tonight, I got 1765 words, and managed to flesh out some emotional interiority for the MC and his budding best friend, as well as some of the background info for the story that isn’t related to the fantastical elements. The darlings in this are going to be hard to kill.


I conducted four different experiments this weekend, and I am very pleased with how they all went.

Sunday dinner was two herb-roasted chicken breasts and a tray of roasted zucchini, mushrooms (both white and shitake), and onions; both the chicken and the vegetables were seasoned with herbs de provence, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and cooked in olive oil. These came out spectacularly — the chicken was nicely moist even with me having to improvise due to it not defrosting fully before cooking, and the vegetables were a success for sure.

Monday brunch was another January frittata. I went back to the original canned diced tomatoes recipe after I had trouble with the moisture from the fresh vegetables; I think I can safely say this recipe is figured out, and I have added it to my personal recipe book for futures. (This might be a contender for the first quarterly recipe in my newsletter, actually…)

Monday dinner was chicken-apple-chardonnay sausage with sauteed apples. The sauteed apples are, as before, pretty damn good if I say so myself; the sausages were good, but I really just credit that to me learning to trust my sense of timing food.

For school-night dinner this week, we’re trying out my first attempt at tea sandwiches. For the first batch, one is more of a classic sandwich, not a tea sandwich: sharp cheddar, and dill pickles with Dijon mustard and mayonnaise on whole wheat. The other is more of an experiment, with olive tapenade and ollio nuovo on foccacia. We had them with a little Earl Grey, and I am happy to report both sandwiches were fantastic; I’m going to try something different instead of the cheddar-tomato for the next batch, just to keep expanding my horizons.

Well, that’s it for this doozy of an update. See you Thursday!