Making Things Log, 2019-01-14

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CN: Word count


I got 1172 words today; well into my desired word count for a work day, but with how this project has been going it feels a little bit like a letdown. That said, getting less meant I got to do some cleaning up and help with prep for tomorrow, and my home life is just as important as my writing, so there it is.

I am having a recurring struggle with this book that has reared its head before: I have a lot of trouble compressing action when it’s not important to the story. My instinct, like it has been in tabletop RPGs, is to play it all out, and while that creates some interesting moments, it can also leave me writing an inadvertent coffeeshop AU. That isn’t necessarily bad, but it also isn’t the story I’m intending to tell, so I’m going to have to keep working on that balance. I’m sure one day I’ll at least struggle with it slightly less.


Just another sandwich experiment, an improvisational variant on the ham-apricot jam sandwich caused by having to substitute in horseradish mustard and rotisserie chicken. I added some fresh black pepper to help spice up the chicken a little; I’m hoping this comes out well.

That’s it for today; have a good Tuesday, Interfriends!