Weekend Making Things Log, 2019-01-12 - 2019-01-13

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[CNs: word count, food]


This has been an excellent weekend for writing, with about 1500 words on WIP on Saturday and another 1800 on Sunday. I’m well over 10k this year so far and at around 30k on the rough draft of this WIP; I can tell it’s going to need tightening up, but the discoveries and tweaks I am making during this more indulgent period on the draft are absolutely necessary and absolutely improving things from my zero-draft and scene map.


Saturday saw another round of testing in the Great Sandwich Experiment, this time trying a variant of apricot-ham sandwich from earlier this week that used Tillamook sharp cheddar instead of the Trader Joe’s horseradish cheddar, and with no salt added this time. Verdict: Still delicious, though a little bit dry; I think maybe a small amount of mustard on the jam side of the bread next time.

Sunday night, we went for another iteration of the frittata, this time using sun-dried tomatoes and pre-sauteed orange bell peppers, crimini mushrooms, and zucchini. Overall, the flavor was excellent, but I ran up against a learning curve: even though I drained the moisture from the vegetables while they were sauteeing, the frittata-making process caused extra moisture to come out, making the surface of the frittata look wet and thus making me think it needed to keep cooking. Result: burned bottom. The good news is that I noticed it was burning and stopped it, so it wasn’t too bad, but I need to remember that when I use assorted veg in a frittata, it will look kind of wet when it is done. I think I’ll need to spoon off the excess, but that’s debugging I can handle, as embarrassed as I am.

Log ends here. Have a wonderful start to your week, everyone!