Making Things Log, 2019-01-10

Making Things Log.jpg


1673 words today on WIP, plus pre-write for my Saturday session. (I take Fridays off when I’m not on a schedule that necessitates I shift it.) I had a breakthrough on what was bothering me about some interstitial scenes I was writing that didn’t quite work for me, and I really like what I’ve cooked up instead. I also got to script out an entire pro wrestling match for today’s pre-write, so suffice to say I feel amazing.


Today’s iteration of the Great Sandwich Experiment: Smoked ham, horseradish cheddar, dijon mustard, and apricot-brandy jam on Jewish rye. Results tomorrow (by which I likely mean Saturday when I do the log for that day).

Tomorrow I’ll be off both writing and cooking; so until Saturday, have a lovely weekend, blogospheroids!