Making Things Log, 2019-01-01


CN: Word counts, food (including pictures)


Today, the first writing day of 2019, I got 900 words down in the WIP. I could have probably managed more, but I got started late, and moreover I started struggling with a framing device I am trying to use. I’m going to need to do some rubber-duck debugging on this one, I think.

I tried two new recipes today. Might as well go big in the New Year, right?

Recipe 1: Tomato and Italian sausage frittata. The frittata was, I’d say, an 8.5 out of 10 — I forgot to drain off the liquid released by the sausage, so it came out really wet. I also think that the original recipe skimped on spices more than it needed to; it was extremely flavorful as-is, but I think I’ll add something to it next time.

Recipe 2: Roasted pork shoulder, served with roasted yams and broccoli (both done before and pretty much perfected). The pork came out excellent, but I ran into an issue where I had to cook it at a higher temperature for a shorter time due to the need to time the sides being ready at the same time as the pork. It’s still a very good roast, and I am proud I was able to improvise and trust my instincts, but next time I want to serve sides I can cook on the stovetop or that don’t require cooking at all so I can do a lower, slower roast for more tender meat.