Con Update: BayCon 2018


Good news, delivered a bit later than I might otherwise (for more details on that, see my next post): Once again this year, I'll be a guest at BayCon! I'll be at the con Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I'd love to see you there.

My panel schedule is relatively light compared to last year (when I frankly did way too much).

On Friday night, I have no panels, so I'll be putting in a brief appearance after work is over; if you want to see me and play a game or catch up, this is going to be a prime chance to do so.

On Saturday morning, I'll be a guest on "Saving What We Love: The Different Layers of Resistance" (11:30am, Connect 3). I'm looking forward to a chance to talk about the mess we're in right now and how we can help each other get through.

On Sunday afternoon, I've got two panels: I'll be a guest in "Intro to Comics" (4:00pm, Synergy 1), along with my good friend Leslie Light from Black Nerd Problems; and then after that, I get to switch seats and moderate "Art as Resistance" (5:30pm, Synergy 1). I'm excited about both, and am going to do my best not to use colorful profanity while moderating.

Outside those panels, I'm free, and I'm perfectly happy to chat with friends and fans, sign copies of the anthologies I'm in, and generally be as friendly as my anxiety allows me to be; I'm liable to take off from the con not long after my last panel, given the way the mass transit schedule works, but I might make an exception if I know in advance to budget the time.

And as always, my usual warning: I love attending cons, especially BayCon, but mental health issues can cause me to need to not be around people very suddenly. I'll always find a nice way to get away from a conversation, but if I am between panels and don't seem to notice you, or need to disengage after not too long, I apologize on behalf of the brain-gremlins.

I'm looking forward to seeing folks there!