Good News Everyone!


Hi everyone!

I announced this over on Twitter already, but, big news: I have an agent!

I am delighted, excited, and elated to announce that I am now represented by Lisa Abellera of Kimberley Cameron & Associates. As I said over there on Twitter, Lisa is good people, and I’m pleased to have her as my agent.

Lisa and I talked last week (yes, I got the Agent Call and I didn’t tell you, that’s how professional I am!), and it pretty much immediately felt like the right call to say Yes to her. She’s warm, she’s knowledgeable, and I feel like I can collaborate with her on this ridiculous career we call Writing. Plus she has excellent taste in GIFs; I figure if somebody is down with Fremulon TV shows, they’ll be down with me (though I will not pretend to be as funny as Schur, Amram, and the rest of the Fremulon folk).

I’m excited for what comes next and to have Lisa be the agent going there with me; but for now, let’s just celebrate the way Amy Santiago would — by which I mean, I’m going to go correct grammar and file.