Marking Boundaries, Taking Care


So, I had this whole big, beautiful, poetic version of this written, and then Squarespace ate it. So please pardon me for the brevity; I assure you the core of it is all here, but I don't have the time to rewrite.

Hi everyone! I hope your 2018 is beginning well! Mine has begun with a difficult decision; I'm sharing my thoughts here as well as at Ace of Geeks.

The short version: I have stopped writing my weekly comics review column, the Pull List. Another author will be taking over, and I am excited to see what they do with it.

The longer version: I made this decision because I come into 2018 clearly short on time. My day job, my relationship, my health (physical and mental both), and my fiction career all need to be my priorities right now, and that means pruning a few things. Unfortunately, the Pull List had to be among them.

This is not because of any issues at Ace of Geeks or any issues between me and them; I wish them the best, and I'm sure I'll contribute periodically. But I simply cannot maintain a weekly column and a fiction career and an editorial job and all the other things I want and need in my life and continue to be a sane, happy individual; and I thought it best if I stepped down while I was enjoying it, rather than waiting until I burnt out and handling it less gracefully.

So I am looking forward to more time to spend with my wife, and more time to work on my fiction, and more time for other things; but I will miss my little comics column. It was a fascinating challenge to adapt to a different way of writing, and it's been fun watching my pull list change and grow, sharing weird things with my audience, and taking a briefly viral stand on Secret Empire.

And in the end, as sad as this is, this is how I want to begin 2018: knowing that I am capable of doing a hard, sad thing in the name of taking care of myself and the people I love, that I am capable of carving out time for my home life and my fiction writing and my health and saying "these are what has to matter to me." I wish you, gentle readers, the same self-improvement and self-care in this new year. If you need something fun and uplifting to read, may I suggest Justice League of America?